Renegade Nexus Hosts Outreach To Promote Auto Insurance Program For Students

DeLorean automobile in the style of Back to the Future (movie) on BC's campus

Thursday, February 1, 2024

In Memory of Paul Nigh.
BC is grateful for all the opportunities Paul Nigh took to engage young people and spark interest with his unique vehicle. He will be greatly missed in our community.

The Renegade Nexus welcomed a special guest to the Panorama Campus for an outreach event highlighting the California Low-Cost Insurance (CLCA) program. Paul “Doc” Nigh brought his Back to the Future DeLorean replica for students to view and take pictures of. “Doc” was also available to answer questions and discuss his unique vehicle.

The Basic Needs Center shares the CLCA program with students so they may benefit from reduced insurance bills. The program is designed to provide income-eligible persons with liability insurance protection at affordable rates.

If you were not able to join us in person yesterday, please visit the CLCA Website or make an appointment with the Basic Needs Department in the Office of Student Life to discuss the program further.

Delorean vehicle bumper and license plate
Delorean rear view with side doors open