CARE & CalWORKs Host Spooky Safe Halloween Event

young boy getting candy from one of the event participants

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

On October 29, 2023, Bakersfield College hosted the CARE & CalWORKs Spooky Safe Halloween Event, offering a safe haven for nearly 300 students, their families, and community friends. The event centered around a secure trick-or-treating experience, where children donned an array of costumes, collecting candies from various community supporters. In addition to the traditional Halloween festivities, families engaged in craft-based activities, fostering creativity and family bonding. A highlight of the day was the collaboration with the Bakersfield Halloween Benefit Ride fundraiser, which featured 40 costumed motorcyclists who concluded their motorcycle parade at the college, delighting children with a unique trick-or-treat experience. The event successfully achieved its goal of promoting family togetherness and community unity, providing a memorable and joyous Halloween celebration for all attendees.

Fun at the Sugar Skull Decorating Table

Our CARE & CalWORKs parents participating in the costume contest