Fall 2023 Curriculum Regionals Gathering

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Tuesday, November 07, 2023

The Fall 2023 Curriculum Regionals Gathering at Bakersfield College was held on Saturday, November 4th, and brought together various teams and individuals from the Central Valley, including faculty, academic senate leaders, department and division chairs, curriculum chairs, local and district curriculum committees, articulation officers, curriculum specialists, and administrators. The gathering featured sessions that provided valuable information and updates on a range of critical topics in higher ed. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into discussions on subjects such as Title 5 revisions, curriculum development, baccalaureate degrees, upper division coursework, dual enrollment, competency based education, credit for prior learning, distance education, hyflex, and many other topics. 
The gathering also included keynote speakers who shared their insights and expertise. Notably, Dr. John Stanskas, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs in the Office of Equitable Student Learning, Experience, and Impact within the Educational Services and Support Division of the CCCCO, presented on Vision 2030, highlighting the Chancellor's Office priorities and the support available. Cheryl Aschenbach, President of the ASCCC, provided valuable insights on the implementation of Title 5 updates and their implications, and later discussed further implications of Vision 2030 on Dual Enrollment. Julie Clark, a Curriculum Committee Member from Merced College and ASCCC, offered updates on Transfer & Articulation Matters. The Fall 2023 Curriculum Regionals Gathering was a significant event, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among higher ed professionals to enhance the curriculum and educational experiences for students.

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