High School Motorsports Challenge Revs Up

students competing in BC's Motorsports challenge

Thursday, October 26, 2023

On Friday, October 20th, students from 5 local high schools competed in the first High School Motorsports Challenge hosted by Bakersfield College Automotive Technology. Students from Arvin, North, Taft and KHSD ROC competed in several different automotive skills events for individual awards and an overall victory which saw the winning school take home the 2023/24 season trophy. The trophy will go home with the school that wins the next event on February 16th and will go the its final location with the team that wins the Season Championship on April, 19th 2024.

students working on a practice vehicle for the Pit Stop race

ROC Students from Mr. Catsro’s class compete in the Pitstop Race. Arvin High School won this event.

high school student competes in the Precision Measuring Challenge

Students from Taft High School compete in the Precision Measuring Challenge. Taft placed 3rd in this event.

students compete in tool identification challengeStudents from Arvin and North High compete in the Tool Identification Challenge which was proctored and graded by current Bakersfield College Students. ROC students from Mr. Geye’s class won this event.
Students compete in the Timing Belt RaceStudents From Arvin High School compete in the Timing Belt Race. Arvin High school won this event.
competition trophy tableThe Arvin High Bears placed first Overall in the first Motorsports Challenge of the year and took home the traveling Piston Trophy. The next competition is Feb 16, 2024
attendees listening to competition speaker
competition attendees and participants looking at the BC trailer
participants listening to pre-competition presentation