Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with Trivia Event

student life booth with games and prizes

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Bakersfield College had its 2023 Hispanic Heritage Trivia and Treats on October 4th. This event was hosted by the office of Student Life outside in the Renegade Crossroads. Many students participated in the event and had the opportunity to test their knowledge about Hispanic Heritage.

In addition, they encouraged students to spin the roulette wheel which determined which question they had to answer. If they answered correctly, they won a prize but if not, they had the option of trying again.

At one of the booths, there were questions asked including “When is the day of the dead?" and “What foundation did Cesar Chavez and Dolores Castro form?” Many students laughed and responded with “I am unsure” while other students answered the questions correctly.

Overall, the event served as a time of recognition for Hispanic Heritage Month while also allowing students to gain new knowledge about Latino history.

Students participating in Hispanic Heritage trivia an the outside booth

Hispanic heritage trivia booth with prizes