Golden Empire Transit Offers Free Rides to BC Students During the 2023-24 Academic Year

Get Bus marquee on Bakersfield College campus

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Golden Empire Transit District has extended free rides for students on all GET Bus Fixed route buses and On-Demand Paratransit through the 2023-2024 school year. Free rides began in January 2023 and the service has been a benefit to all Kindergarten through college students who need a ride.

Dr. Nicky Damania, Dean of Students at Bakersfield College, expressed his appreciation for the free service, which he said breaks down the barriers between students and their academic success.

"Embracing strategic partnerships with community-focused organizations remains paramount to the academic triumph of our students," affirmed Dr. Damania. "This collaboration exemplifies the unwavering dedication of our community to empower students on their educational journey. Services like these are critical for dismantling obstacles, fostering an environment where student success thrives, and educational aspirations are realized."

Students are required to have a pass for the free rides. New passes marked for the 2023-24 school year are not yet available at Bakersfield College, but students can use their passes from spring until the new passes arrive. When they are available, students will be notified through their BC emails.

For any additional information, students should visit the office of student life located at the Campus Center on the Panorama campus and bring your student I.D. Additionally, it is important that students always have both their student I.D. and GET pass when riding the bus to and from all destinations as they will be asked to present both upon entering the bus.