Bakersfield College to be Recognized as Statewide Champion of Higher Education for the 4th time by the Campaign for College Opportunity

champions of higher education

Thursday, November 4, 2021

For the fourth time, Bakersfield College has earned statewide recognition for its innovative work to advance student success and completion, as a Champion of Higher Education. On Monday, November 1, The Campaign for College Opportunity announced Bakersfield College will recognized twice during the annual Champions of Higher Education and Equity Champions for Excellence in Transfer celebration on November 16, 2021 at 10:00AM. The first recognition will be as a 2021 Champion of Higher Education for Excellence in regards to exemplary work to ensure strong transfer pathways and the second will be as a 2021 Equity Champion for Excellence in Transfer for Latinx Students. This year marks the 11th anniversary of legislation that established the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). The Campaign for College Opportunity reports that since its creation, more than 359,000 ADTs have been conferred, supporting hundreds of thousands of California students to reach their academic and career goals. Through a variety of innovative efforts, including the expansion of transfer pathways, the development of the Pathways Program Mapper, and the Early College program, Bakersfield College has made substantial headway in moving the dial closer to statewide goal attainment levels and efficiency. Bakersfield College has seen a sustained increase in degrees awarded since 2014-2015. In fact, the number of Associate Degrees for Transfer that Bakersfield College has awarded has grown tenfold, meaning a thousand percent increase from 2014-2015 (172) to 2020-21 (1,772).

Associate Degrees for Transfer Awarded from Bakersfield College by Year:

Year AA-T/AS-T
2015-2016 303
2016-2017 493
2017-2018 824
2018-2019 1326
2019-2020 1635
2020-2021 1772

The top ten Associate Degrees for Transfer awarded at Bakersfield College over the past three years includes Psychology, Sociology, Studio Arts, Business Administration, Math, Administration of Justice, Agriculture Business, Communication Studies, Economics, and Biology. 

“This recognition is a tribute to the dedication of BC's faculty and staff and I am proud of their focus and energy,” said President of Bakersfield College, Dr. Zav Dadabhoy. “Chancellor Christian's relentless focus on the associate degree for transfer and guided pathways has resulted in galvanizing the campus community to realize the significant improvements in our transfer outcomes. To receive this award four times is testimony to the leadership and commitment of everyone at Bakersfield College.” 

In 2018, Bakersfield College expanded its transfer pathway mapping work, aligning programs of study with CSU and UC transfer destinations. Additionally, since the implementation of the Program Pathway Mapper, students have had a more focused and efficient academic pathway, expending fewer resources to complete their degrees or certificates and enter the workforce. Bakersfield College is also a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution where 70.6% of BC students are Hispanic/Latino/a/x.  In the past few years, BC has achieved parity in enrollment and completion for this population with 70% of Associate Degree for Transfer earners identifying as Hispanic/Latino/a/x in 2019-20.”

“It's an exciting time to be a student at Bakersfield College!” says Bakersfield College's Director of Counseling and Student Success, Marisa Marquez. “Campus wide, there is an emphasis placed on comprehensive, high-tech and high-touch support to guide every student towards completion. Financial aid is available in abundance, flexible learning options are available to accommodate student schedules, support services are available online and at rural locations to ensure academic success! At the home of the Renegades, we work hard to ensure every student has the necessary support to persist, succeed, and earn the degree they're working towards, and ultimately transfer. We are Renegade strong!”

Last year, Bakersfield College received the 2020 Champion of Higher Education recognition at The Campaign for College Opportunity's virtual event on November 19, 2020. The event included Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Assembly member Marc Berman to celebrate the important work of improving transfer as a path that addresses racial equity gaps in college opportunity.

Bakersfield College provides opportunities for students from diverse economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds to attain Associate and Baccalaureate degrees and certificates, workplace skills, and preparation for transfer. Our rigorous and supportive learning environment fosters students' abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, and demonstrate competencies and skills in order to engage productively in their communities and the world.