Bakersfield College extends withdrawal date


Thursday, March 26, 2020

We understand that COVID-19 has presented unique challenges to students who are navigating the transition to a fully virtual environment for instruction and student services. 

We are here to support students in the transition and urge you to utilize your instructional resources, connect with your faculty, and speak with your student support services team to discuss your options as you navigate this change. 

In response to this unprecedented crisis, Bakersfield College:

  • Immediately extended its original withdrawal date to April 9th, to allow students time to adjust to an online environment and evaluate your options with your advisors/counselors and instructors. 
  • All withdrawals beginning March 16 will be automatically converted to an “Excused Withdrawal” (EW), which will be noted on the student's transcript but students who receive an EW during this period will not experience negative effects on academic progress, academic probation, or ability to repeat a course(s). 
  • Guarantees additional flexibility with withdrawals after April 9 for those that need it due to COVID-19
  • All students who withdraw after March 16 will receive a full refund of fees paid by the student.  
  • Additional information about tuition refunds are pending announcements from the federal level and BC will communicate this information as soon as we have it.