Explore the Universe

Bushes and trees silhouettes against starry sky.

Explore the universe with Dr. Nick Strobel as he explains astronomical events and how to safely observe these events. Dr. Strobel includes references for you to explore even further.

BC Planetarium Shows

Asteroid in space.
Learn bout the Chelyabinsk 2013 incident, asteroid DA14, and the Yarkovsky Effect.

Closeup of a metal meteorite.
Information and references to research if that strange rock you found could be a meteorite.
Mars, the red planet.
The largest, most sophisticated robotic rover, Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), landed safely on Mars on the evening of August 5th, 2012.
Sun with a spot.
Tips on equipment and creating filters to observe the sun without damaging your eyes.
Moon in a blue sky.
Where did that saying come from and what does it mean?
Close up of moon with lines on top and bottom.
Learn more about the Moon and the buzz Nasa Science News started in 2012 about a super Moon.