Catering Service Guidelines


As defined by the KCCD Board of Trustees policy, BC Food Services is the exclusive caterer on the Bakersfield College campus. Outside food and beverages for catered events cannot be brought into BC campus facilities without explicit written permission from BC Food Services Management.

Conferences, External Rentals, Private Celebrations

All conferences, external space rentals, weddings & private social events hosted by members of the campus community or outside clients must be catered by BC Food Services

Outside Catering Services

All food and beverages served at a catered event must be provided by BC Food Services. In the event that Food Services cannot accommodate the catering needs of an organization, a licensed food service establishment with an existing KCCD ICA (independent contractor agreement) in place may be used. BC Food Services will coordinate and facilitate with the approved third party vendor on your group’s behalf. Negotiating with outside caterers on your own is not allowed. BC Food Services has the right to revoke the catering privileges of an outside caterer based upon negative past performance. The Food Services Manager reserves the right to utilize reasonable available space for the sale of concession items. The Food Services Manager reserves the right to determine the number of food concession stands/booths that will be operating. Food and beverage may not be brought onto the premises of the District/College for the purpose of distribution to patrons without the expressed written permission of the Food Services Management. When an event is catered by Food Services no other food or drink can be served at the event (i.e., self-catered or food vendors).

Perishable Food Policy

In adherence with local Health Department regulations, it is our strict policy that there will be no credit given or carry out of perishable food not consumed at your event. Any food removed from the location of the event without the permission of the BC Food Services becomes the responsibility of the event holder. Once removed from the event, BC Food Services possesses no responsibility or liability for the quality or safety of these items.

Menu Selection

Most standard menu items are listed on the BC Food Services website. Some menu items are subject to a minimum order. Menus chosen less than ten working days in advance are subject to vendor availability. Please note displayed prices are for on campus department charges, and for billing to state agencies/nonprofits conducting qualifying activities. Tax is added at current federal, state, and local rates. Small groups without a FOAPAL are welcome to purchase food and beverages through Food Services. Food Services accepts cash, debit, and most credit cards. Payment may also be arranged in advance for meals to be charged to third party sponsors.


It is our desire to serve you promptly at the time you select. Please let us know if any pre-meal programs or presentations are planned. We open the dining area approximately ten minutes before serving time unless otherwise notified. This eliminates confusion and allows our staff to attend to final details without interruption. We appreciate your promptness and we will do our best to work around any last-minute delays you may encounter. If you have arranged for staffed buffet service, we will begin at the time you select. Although our staffed buffets are not designed as all-you-can eat, seconds will be allowed after the last guests have gone through the buffet line and before the food is removed. The amount of time the buffet is up will depend on the size of your group, but will not last more than one to two hours. If a more extended buffet time is required, additional labor charges may incur.

Plated Service

BC Food Services offers full service catering, including plated service. For plated service please contact the BC Food Services at (661) 395-4712 to schedule a consultation.

Vegetarian/Special Dietary Needs

It is the responsibility of the event host to find out if any special menus are required for their guests. Most dietary restrictions can be met including gluten and dairy free diets and food allergies. We are able to accommodate most special requests within 10 days of the event.

Guaranteed Numbers

Planning for special events takes time and preparation. To provide the highest quality of service we require that you provide a guaranteed number of guests who will be served at the event. The guaranteed number must be finalized with our office seven (7) business days prior to the event. Charges will be based on the guaranteed number or the actual number served, whichever is higher. If a guaranteed number is not verified, the number provided on the initial contract will be designated as the guaranteed number.


Cancellation and significant count changes must be received within 5 business days of the event and may incur charges.


Linen will be provided for all tables that will be used for buffet and beverage service. Should you need linen for other tables at your event, these can be provided at an additional charge of $9.00 per tablecloth. Specialty linen and table drapes are available for an additional charge. Please contact the Food Service Manager or Designee for a quote.

Centerpieces and Decorations

Center pieces for guest tables are not provided by BC Food Services but may be brought in for your event. It is the client’s responsibility to decorate the room and/or the guest tables. Please contact Bakersfield College Event Services for a list of decorations that are not allowed.

Event Setup and Teardown

The BC Food Services department does not always have keys to campus buildings other than its own facilities. It is the group's responsibility to make sure that facilities are opened as arranged with Bakersfield College Event Services for efficient setup and teardown of the event. In general, 45 minutes prior to the event is sufficient for most events. The hosting group is responsible for providing tables and trash cans for events held outside of a BC Food Services facility building. Please contact Bakersfield College Event Services for information on obtaining tables and chairs.


Food Services catering pricing includes on-campus delivery and to all KCCD facilities.
A minimum charge of $50.00 or 3% of total invoice, whichever is greater, will be added to invoices for delivery services outside of the BC campus.

Pick Up Orders

Orders for fewer than twelve people may be picked up at a location designated by BC Food Services at the time arranged with Food Services, unless otherwise instructed. Please bring a cart, if needed, to transport all equipment, food, and beverages. Equipment replacement fees will be charged on unreturned Food Services equipment. Larger orders may also be picked up at the discretion and pre-approval of Food Services management.