Creative Design Center

Creative Design Center; students

The Creative Design Center is a small makerspace on the Panorama campus where students can access to digital fabrication equipment. Our goal is to foster student creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Bakersfield College Creative Design Center facility is the longest-running makerspace in Bakersfield. We have professional grade equipment including 2 industry-standard CAD labs for student design work. We happily pair community members who want to have something designed with students, giving the students practical, real-world experience.

Makerspace Equipment

  • Laser-cutting system
  • 2 3D printers
  • Mold-making tools
  • 3D scanning equipment
  • and other prototyping goodies

Who can use the Creative Design Center?

The equipment can be used by any BC student who has been trained in its use. Training is provided in the INDR classes. Students interested in learning how to use the equipment can take INDR B12 to get started. Advanced training is provided in the INDR B20a (fall & spring), INDR B40 (spring), and INDR B42 (fall) classes.

Use of the equipment is free, though students are responsible for covering the cost for the materials they use.

Community AccessCreative Design Center

No time to take classes, but want to take advantage of our equipment? We will pair you with an INDR student who is currently trained and will serve as your technician/liaison and run your project. To be paired with a student or to schedule a viewing of the Creative Design Center, contact Darren Willis:

History of the Creative Design Center

The first 3D Printer at an educational institution in the valley was a Dimension 1200 purchased by the Industrial Technology department of Bakersfield College in 2006. It was an industrial grade piece of equipment that hundreds of students learned how to use in their INDR classes and is still running strong today. A laser-cutting system was added in 2010, and two upgraded 3D printers (Fortus and Objet) were added in 2015.