David Charleston

Smiling black male student.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

From Track and Field to Graphic Design: Evolving Goals

When students start their college journey, they often have goals based on their passions and interests, which can lead to a future career in that field. However, sometimes these goals can take a surprising turn, just like what happened with David Charleston.

David chose BC because it offered unique courses that he couldn't find anywhere else, and the available classes worked perfectly for his schedule. While here, he discovered a love for Graphic Design, realizing that his skills and creativity could make a positive impact.

His favorite part of Bakersfield College has been meeting new people and enjoying various activities while also coaching track. He joined A2MEND, Art Club, and PTK honor society, which gave him a better understanding of all that BC has to offer and helped him make friends in different career fields.

David also took part in internships for Graphic Design, Media Arts, and soon Photography through the student employment program. He says, "These experiences always interested me and helped me find enjoyable activities in my personal time, while also showing me that I want to pursue a career in these fields."

Looking ahead, David is focused on completing a doctoral program and then aims to establish a non-profit to support the education, sports, and careers of young people. All the while, he plans to also pursue a career in Graphic Design, Videography, and Photography.

David's journey is a testament to the exciting possibilities that being a Renegade can bring, and his determination to follow his passions and make a difference in the world is truly inspiring.