Cindy Ceja Miranda

smiling student holding up peace sign

Monday, October 09, 2023

Bakersfield College seeks to create a community of students who are able to uplift and motivate their peers, and Cindy Ceja is a student on campus who chose to attend Bakersfield College because she was drawn to the uplifting and passionate energy she felt on campus. 

Cindy is currently a Computer Science major which has been a passion of hers for a very long time. When she is not busy with schoolwork and on campus activities, she spends some of her free time working on projects related to her major. She is also involved in the Student Government Association and the Carbon Capture Program which has encouraged her to create influential relationships with her peers and get involved in on campus events. 

By far, her favorite memory has been winning a Phillps 99 Women in STEM scholarship that she received by being an outstanding student in the Carbon Capture Program.

Though she is very involved and highly successful, she has faced some of her own challenges as well. She explains that the various math courses required for her program have been pretty challenging. In fact, she has strategic ways of balancing her schedule to ensure she is successful in not only her math courses but all areas of her life. She uses a stacked calendar, color codes things, utilizes  reminders and alarms and a checklist app which she uses on her phone. 

In addition, she has developed a mentorship with professor Vicky Coffee, who has helped her during a rough time in her life. She says, “She is always kind with her words and warm with her hugs. She is a true inspiration and I hope to be like her as I continue to grow up.”

As Cindy continues on her journey to graduation she says she is confident that life after college is going to be as smooth as possible if she sticks to her undying optimism. Her best words of encouragement for incoming students are to have fun, be social, and ask questions.