Delano Campus

Science and Technology building in Delano.

Counseling and Advising and Student Services Appointments

Delano Student Services

About Delano Campus

The Bakersfield College (BC) Delano Campus mission is to empower our Delano area students by providing ready access to “.. the high quality education necessary for our socially and ethnically diverse students -- whether they be vocational, transfer-oriented, developmental, or some combination of these -- to thrive in a rapidly changing world. (Renegade 2012).”

The Delano Campus is responsible for quality instruction and services that include the unit's strategic initiatives:

  • Improve Delano area student access, retention, and success
  • Provide effective learning and earning pathways for Delano area students
  • Support student learning through appropriate technology
  • Support student learning through streamlined systems and processes

The Delano Campus provides the community with local access to Bakersfield College programs and services. Our students live in Delano and the rural communities of Northern Kern and Southern Tulare counties. The staff at the Delano Campus is also responsible for providing access to courses in McFarland, Wasco, Shafter, and Arvin.

Bakersfield College Delano Campus sign at entrance.