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Bakersfield College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 428 J Street, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95814, (415) 506-0234, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information about accreditation, including the filing of complaints against member institutions, can be found at:

As part of the accreditation process, Bakersfield College must undertake a comprehensive self study resulting in the Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER) and culminates with a multi-day visit from a team of evaluators every cycle. This team, from the ACCJC, evaluates the quality of the college and assesses the degree to which the college meets the accreditation standards. The ACCJC evaluators provide the college with an External Evaluation Report (EER). Bakersfield College must also submit a midterm evaluation in the third year of the cycle, and submit annual reports. Bakersfield College accreditation was reaffirmed in 2019 and our most recent midterm was approved January 2023.

Organization of the BC Self-Evaluation Process

The following timeline summarizes the major developments in our preparation and creation of the 2025 Institutional Self-Evaluation Report. Over 200 faculty, staff, administrators, and students engaged on writing teams, in open forums, and through our 12 campus-wide committees.


BC Self-Evaluation Acknowledgements

The development of this Institutional Self-Evaluation Report is a result of the engagement and collaboration of faculty, staff, administrators, and students at Bakersfield College. Through our shared governance structure, a core team, guided by the Accreditation and Institutional Quality Committee, took leadership of the report.

  • Accreditation and Institutional Quality Steering Committee: Co-Chairs: Jessica Wojtysiak and Grace Commiso
  • ISER Steering Team Leads: Jason Stratton and Billie Jo Rice
  • Editor: Talita Pruett
  • Evidence Indexer: Sondra Keckley

ISER Steering Team Members:

  • Grace Commiso
  • Chris Glaser
  • Sondra Keckley
  • Ian Mason
  • Erica Menchaca
  • Cindy Miranda
  • Ximena Ortega
  • Talita Pruett
  • Monika Scott
  • Jessica Wojtysiak


* Indicates Bakersfield College students.

  • Jennifer Achan
  • Sabrina Aguilar
  • Abe Ali
  • Roy Allard
  • Nicole Alvarez
  • Amanda Anguiano*
  • Raya Arafah*
  • Kim Arbolante
  • Erin Auerbach
  • Leonardo Ayala
  • Stephanie Baltazar
  • Rosita Barron
  • Paul Beckworth
  • Tiffany Bell
  • Kimberly Bligh
  • Kevin Boles-Lohmann
  • Reggie Bolton
  • Angela Bono
  • Faith Bradham
  • Amalia Calderon
  • Azalea Calderon*
  • Moses Camarena*
  • Danielle Carrillo*
  • Cindy Ceja*
  • Grace Commiso
  • Champagne Conception*
  • Anthony Cordova
  • Nicky Damania
  • Scott Dameron
  • Caitlin Davidson
  • Cecil Dexter*
  • Liz Diaz*
  • Victor Diaz
  • Nora Dominguez
  • Gina Duran
  • Jenny Frank
  • Anjel Flores*
  • Selena Gasca*
  • Max Geissel*
  • Chris Glaser
  • Consuelo Gonzalez
  • Juliana Gonzalez*
  • Joe Grubbs
  • Javier Gutierrez*
  • Dan Hall
  • Andrew Haney
  • Michelle Hart
  • Kailani Henry
  • Wesley Hernandez
  • Kalina Hill
  • Christie Howell
  • Robert Howell
  • Jennifer Jett
  • Stacey Jischke
  • NaTesha “T” Johnson
  • Pamela Kelley
  • Ginger LeBlanc
  • Aricia Leighton
  • Joshua Lewis
  • Lily Linares*
  • Matt Maddox
  • Carolina Madrigal
  • Marisa Marquez
  • Esmeralda Martinez
  • Denice McCauley
  • Richard McCrow
  • Anna Melby
  • Erica Menchaca
  • Bill Moseley
  • Manny Mourtzanos
  • Jeff Newby
  • Kim Nickell
  • Leo Ocampo
  • Jacob Palmbach*
  • Paula Parks
  • Kristin Rabe
  • Brett Redd
  • Billie Jo Rice
  • Patricia Ramirez
  • Klint Rigby
  • Monika Roberts
  • Derek Robinson
  • Alex Rockey
  • Brian Rodriguez
  • Crystal Rodriguez*
  • Marcos Rodriguez
  • Norma Rojas-Mora
  • Isabel Saldivar*
  • Jonathan Schulz
  • Nick Strobel
  • Abigail Tamayo*
  • Ann Tatum
  • Tyler Thoms
  • Andrea Thorson
  • Steve Waller
  • Ashlea Ward
  • Mindy Wilmot
  • Jessica Wojtysiak
  • Michael Wyatt*
  • Karin Young-Gomez
  • Calvin Yu
  • Karen Zenteno*
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