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Marines attending BC Vet Fest

BC Veterans Services

Bakersfield College is approved as an institution of higher learning for the training of veterans and veterans’ dependents entitled to educational assistance.

Bakersfield College will grant credit to veterans for specific service experience and certain educational training completed while in service. Evaluation of such experience and training will be made by the Office of Admissions and Records.

Credit evaluations will conform to the regulations set forth by the State Approval Agency of the California State Department of Education and the recommendations of the American Council on Education.

Evaluations made and credit allowed by Bakersfield College are subject to review and evaluation by any college or university to which the veteran may later transfer. All educational opportunities and personnel services offered in the college are available to the veterans.

Veterans Club

Our club's mission is to be a resource for all veterans that are students of Bakersfield College in order to provide information, service, and a feeling of belonging. We meet in the veterans lounge and our meeting dates are continually changing. Please stop by for the newest schedule.

Veteran Enrollment Steps

Bakersfield College honors and supports the sacrifices of those who have served in our Nation’s military and is approved as an institution of higher learning for the training of veterans and dependents of veterans who are entitled to educational assistance. Services for Veterans include: priority registration, designated veterans counselor, and more. Because of special benefits allowed to veterans, enrollment steps are slightly different. Please see the following:

Step 1 Apply to Bakersfield College Online!

Please follow the link below and remember to mark Veteran on your application!

Visit the Apply page!

Make sure to mark “veteran” status on your application and to activate your application at the end. If you missed this step, activate your CCCApply application here.

Step 2 Orientation

Complete an orientation in-person or online.

Step 3 Placement

All students are placed based on their high school GPA and coursework. Students who did not complete at least 11th grade in a U.S. high school, graduates of a non-U.S. high school or and international students, will need to complete the Guided Self-Placement process.

Step 4 Develop an Education Plan

Complete the New Student Workshop in-person or online, the Abbreviated Student Education Plan (ASEP) does not satisfy V.A. requirements. Make an appointment to see a Veterans Advisor to complete a Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP). To make an appointment with Armando Trajillo, call (661) 395-4312. You will need a copy of the DD214 and a copy of your transcripts for your appointment and then turn them in at the Admissions & Records Window 6.

You can obtain military transcripts for the Air Force on the Air University website. In order to obtain military transcripts for the Army, Navy/Marines and Coast Guard via Joint Services Transcript, you will need to adjust the security certificate settings in your web browser. You can find directions for how to access this site for your browser of choice below:

  • Google Chrome: to access the JST site via Google Chrome, click "Advanced" in the error message that pops up on your screen, then press "Proceed to (unsafe)" in the window that expands below.
  • Mozilla Firefox: to access via Firefox, click "Advanced" in the error message that pops up on your screen. Then click "confirm security exception"
  • Internet Explorer: to access via IE, click "continue to this website (not recommended)"
  • Safari: to access via Safari, click "view the certificate", then click "visit this website". In the drop-up menu that appears, click "view this website". In Mac OSX, you may have to use a password to changes the Certificate Trust Settings in Safari.

Once you're able to access the JST website, you'll need to press the "OK" button on the bottom to consent to the US Government Information System policies.

Step 5 Register for Classes
Step 6 Get VA Benefits

Apply online for your GI Bill benefits at

Step 7 Bring Documents to Admissions & Records

Please bring copies of the following to Window 6 of Admissions & Records

  • 1990 Application (from Step 7)
  • DD214 Form (if not completed in step 5)
  • ½ Sheet must be signed and provide mother’s maiden name
  • Comprehensive Student Educational Plan from Step 5 signed by a counselor/advisor and must match major
  • Enrollment Card
  • Transcripts from all other colleges attended and requests to have them evaluated
Step 8 Get Aid

Visit the Financial Aid Office to receive information about additional financial aid. Complete the FAFSA and BOG fee waiver.

Step 9 Get Going

Go to class and visit the Veterans Resource Center frequently to take advantage of benefits. Meet with Veterans Advisors each semester. Join the Student Veterans Organization.

Veterans Lounge

The Veterans Lounge is located in Levinson Hall 39.

Hours are:

  • Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The goal of the Vet Center program is to provide a broad range of counseling, outreach and referral services to eligible veterans in order to help them make a satisfying post-military readjustment to civilian life. The room is bright and offers a quiet place for veterans to come and study, rest, take advantage of the literature, and use the center’s computers.

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