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Transfer is one of several different educational options available to students at Bakersfield College. The college also offers programs and courses designed to prepare students for a new career field, or to upgrade work skills related to a current occupation. The following are the most common degrees and certificates awarded:

Vocational Certificates

Vocational Certificates are awarded after completing specific courses related to a particular occupational area. They are intended for students seeking quick employment or job skills in a specific career field.

Vocational Certificates are awarded by community colleges and some private schools.

Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees are awarded after completing at least 60 associate degree or transfer semester units of study to include major and general education requirements. It certifies the achievement of in-depth knowledge about a field of study (major) as well as the ability to communicate, use mathematics, think critically and understand various modes of inquiry.

This degree is the highest level awarded by community colleges.

The degrees can be in arts (Associate of Arts) or sciences (Associate of Sciences).

The Associate Degree may also be thought of as the “first half” of a Bachelor’s Degree, although most universities do not require that you earn it prior to transfer. If you complete the requirements for an Associate of Arts for Transfer degree (AA-T) or Associate of Science for Transfer Degree (AS-T) at Bakersfield College, you will earn an Associate’s Degree, as well as being transfer-ready.

The Associate degree is a college degree, and as such, has value for employment and on a resume.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degrees are awarded after completing at least 120 semester units of study, including major, general education and graduation requirements. This is the basic degree awarded by “four-year” colleges and universities.

Transferable units earned at community colleges may count toward the total lower division units needed for a Bachelor’s Degree.

A Bachelor’s Degree is usually earned in arts (B.A.) or sciences (B.S.), although other more specialized options exist, such as the Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Transfer Coursework

Transfer coursework is courses designed to meet lower-division (freshman and sophomore) general education and major preparation classes of a four-year college or university.



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