Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College student

Transfer Timeline

First Year

  • Choose a major
    • Go to CA Career Cafe to research careers
    • Take a variety of classes to see what interests you
    • Check InsideBC for upcoming Major Workshops
  • Decide on transfer college/s
    • Research college catalogs
    • Meet with college representatives that visit BC
    • Attend Transfer Day and College Night events in September
    • Visit colleges and universities
    • Check to make sure you will complete major preparation courses
  • Meet with a counselor to complete your student educational plan in Starfish to choose classes for future semesters
  • Prepare for a transfer admission guarantee by completing 30 UC transferable units by the end of summer of your first year
  • Make yourself a competitive applicant
    • Work for a high GPA - study hard!
    • Get work experience or an internship related to your major
    • Do community service
    • Be a leader - join a club or run for student government