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The California State University General Education-Breadth (CSU GE) pattern is one option that allows California community college transfer students to fulfill the lower-division general education requirements of any California State University (CSU) campus. The curriculum consists of a 39-unit pattern with five areas of concentration described in the CSU GE pattern.

For assistance in determining the most appropriate general education program, consult a counselor.

Certification of CSU GE Requirements

Official notification from a California community college that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling lower-division general education requirements occurs through a process of “certification”. Certification is a legal agreement between the CSU and California Community Colleges.

It is the policy of Bakersfield College to provide certification of general education breadth requirements when such service is requested by the student or whenever a student requests that a transcript be sent to a CSU or UC if the student has completed all of 39 units for certification. Certification of general education courses is generally requested when the CSU GGE pattern has been completed.

CSU U.S. History, Constitution and American Ideals Certification Courses

The California State University, before awarding a degree, requires students to complete courses or examinations that address:

  1. The historical development of American institutions and ideals (Area US-1)
  2. The Constitution of the United States and the operation of representatives democratic government under that Constitution (Area US-2)
  3. The process of California state and local governments

This requirement may be fulfilled at a California Community College prior to transfer by completing a combination of courses that satisfies all three areas of the requirement. The requirement may also be completed at a CSU campus after transfer. Courses approved in two US areas may be used to satisfy both areas.

Although this requirement is not part of the General Education requirements for CSU, all students must complete course work in U.S.History, Constitution and Government before graduation from a CSU campus. The courses may also be used to partially fulfill Area D of the CSU General Education Breadth requirements.

Completion of these courses at Bakersfield College is recommended and is not required for Certification.

Students who wish to meet these requirements at Bakersfield College prior to transferring to a CSU campus may take up to six semester units from the following combinations:

  • POLS B1 and one of the following: HIST B17a, B17b, B20a, B20b, B30a(CHST B30a), B30b (CHST B30b), B36
  • HIST B17a and one of the following: POLS B1, B12, HIST B18

Additional Information

  • Completion of the CSU GE pattern is not an admission requirement, nor does completion guarantee admission to any CSU campus or program.
  • Certification is based on approved courses listed in the Bakersfield College CSU GE pattern, or from other regionally accredited institutions. Courses taken at other community colleges must fulfill the appropriate GE breadth area as defined by that college.
  • Courses completed at a foreign college or university cannot be used to satisfy requirements for certification.
  • Catalog rights do not apply to the CSU GE pattern.
  • Prior to certification, students must complete a minimum of 24 general education units.
  • Official transcripts form all colleges and universities attended must be on file before submitting an application for certification. The application is available in the Admission & Records Office.
  • The CSU GE pattern is accepted by some California private and independent colleges and universities in satisfying lower division general education requirements.
  • For additional information, consult a counselor.


» View IGETC GE Pattern

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a general education pattern that will fulfill all lower division general education requirements at all California State University (CSU) and most University of California (UC) campuses/majors. It is also accepted by some private/independent or out-of-state universities.

IGETC is usually recommended for students who intend to transfer to a UC campus, or who are not yet sure of their intended transfer university.

Completion of the IGETC pattern is not an admission requirement for transfer to most UC or CSU campuses, nor is it the only way to fulfill the lower division GE requirements of a UC or CSU campus prior to transfer.

It is strongly recommended that students consult with a counselor to determine which general education pattern is most appropriate for their individual educational goals.