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Transfer Admission Guarantees

Transfer admission guarantees are available for six campuses and may be written one year in advance prior to transfer (fall semester only).

Those campuses are:

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Tag Timeline

Date Requirement
Summer Review TAG requirements for specific University of California campuses
September Submission period for online TAG applications for the following Fall semester
October Prepare personal statement essays
October Meet with a counselor for a final transfer check to make sure you will complete all necessary courses by the end of the Spring semester.
November UC Application filing period Nov. 1-30
January Update UC application with Fall grades and any changes in Spring class schedule
January Complete UC supplemental materials for your major (if any)
March 2 File FAFSA application by March 2
March-May Admission decision emails
May Appeals letters due
June 1 Statement of Intent to Register due


Articulation agreement information is available on the internet for the CSU, UC and AICCU education systems. Students may also be provided with further information by contacting a counselor or an educational advisor in the Career Center.

Articulation agreements are not available with all campuses.

Students should plan on meeting as much lower division pre-major course articulation work as possible prior to transfer. This will not guarantee that a student will be admitted; however, it will increase the competitive edge a student may have in transferring.

Articulation agreement information is available on the ASSIST web page for CSU and UC systems.

Private University Articulation Agreements

Students have to meet minimum criteria for consideration of an agreement. Please meet with a counselor early in the semester to find out more about these guaranteed admissions. Some campuses have a specific deadline date for applying for the agreement.

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