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Bakersfield College offers you all the amenities of a top four-year university at a fraction of the cost. Begin your education at BC, then transfer and save yourself half the cost of your education. It’s the smart choice. A college degree is valuable. So is your time and money. With the BC transfer degrees, you can begin your college career here and earn an Associate’s Degree, and transfer to a Bachelor’s Degree program at any public university and many private universities in California. Our mission is to assist students to successfully transfer to a four-year university. In addition, we strive to provide guidance and services that enhance students’ ability to transfer to a four-year college or university of their choice.

Transfer Resources

Finish in 4

Find out about our guranteed transfer to CSUB.


Get help with your transfer goals.

Transfer Opportunities

UC, CSU, CA Private Universities and other college Information.


Information on the Transfer Admission Gurarantees (TAG) and articulation agreements.

Transfer Requirements

CSU and IGETC requirements for transferring.

Transfer Timeline

How to prepare and when for transferring to a 4-year school.

Your Education Options

Information about Bakersfield College degrees.


Some vocabulary and definitions to help with all of the terms in tranferring requirements.


We've compiled a list of questions and answers about transferring.