Bakersfield College

Test Accommodations for DSPS Students

Persons with disabilities who might require testing accommodations:

If you have not registered with BC's Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS), contact them to enroll in DSPS services before submitting the form. Accommodations are made on an individual basis. Such accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Extension of time
  • Use of a computer
  • Use of a calculator
  • Alternative mode of assessment (where appropriate to the disability)

In compliance with federal and state laws, Bakersfield College assures each student an equal opportunity to demonstrate competency or knowledge in a subject area at each point in the educational process. Students with disabilities are expected to demonstrate the same competency or knowledge as other students.

Information for faculty.

Procedure for Requesting Test Accommodations for Online Courses

To request an accommodation for extended testing time, please complete the web form below for each class and each exam/test and submit it at least 3 business days prior to your scheduled exam date..


After completing the web form, email your instructor a copy of your approved and up-to-date 20-21Accommodations Checklist.

Your instructor(s) will need to adjust the regular class test time to reflect your approved extended time.

If you have not completed an update to your Accommodations Checklist form, please call the DSPS office at (661) 395-4334 or visit the DSPS virtual lobby to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Test Accommodation Form