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Student Organization Workshops

All workshops are held in the BCSGA Executive Boardroom (CC5) unless otherwise stated. You may request any workshop at your next StudOrg meeting.

SOF Grant Application Workshop

Student Organization Funding (SOF) Grants are available to any registered Student Organization (StudOrg) for operational, programmatic, or travel expenditures that enhance overall quality of student life on campus. SOF Grants should be used to boost the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, governance, leadership, group development, campus and community service, and informational programs and activities. This workshop aids StudOrg members to development and completion of the grant application.

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Registration Workshop

Any and all BC students have the freedom to assemble. When a group choses to register with the Office of Student Life and BCSGA, the registered group is extended Additional Privileges beyond the recognition of being a registered organization. This works aids students and advisors in the BC StudOrg Registration Process.

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Reworking Your Constitution Workshop

A constitution reflects the policies and procedures of an organization. Since every organization is different, constitutions will vary in their content and how the organization wishes to operate. The constitution should contain statements concerning enduring aspects of the organization. Items that are subject to frequent revision should be included in the by-laws heading. This workshop will aid StudOrg members in reviewing their constitution to ensure the constitution is equipped with the needs of the organization and/or aid in redeveloping their constitution.

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How to Elect your Officers

Each organization undergoes elections each year for new leadership and direction. This workshop is to ensure that StudOrg members have the necessary tools to conduct elections in an orderly fashion to avoid unjust and unfair treatment.

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Branding Your StudOrg

Does your organization need a growing membership or attendance at meetings/events? Maybe you're putting out good content, but it's time to start producing a better impact. Become an expert at what you do by creating a great and consistent message. In this workshop, we will help your organization find a voice and message to share through your marketing efforts.

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Parli Pro - Pour Qui (Roberts Rules of Order)

Puzzled by Parlipro? Tongue-tied by motions? Perplexed by whether a motion is debatable or amendable? Who came up with the rules of parliamentary procedure anyway? With this workshop, here's a chance to learn a thing or two about motions and parliamentary procedure, courtesy of the public domain version of Robert's Rules of Order Revised, Fourth Edition.

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Goal Setting for the New Semester

Starting a new semester is a great way to change your approach to your student organization and its so-curricular activities, as well as to reexamine the goals and the best ways to accomplish them. This workshop will help StudOrg members identify their goals and activities for the spring semester so that when the new semester starts organizations can kick off with a bang.

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KVC Discount Cards – Empowering your StudOrg

The Kern Value Card sticker (BCSGA/KVC Sticker) provides BC students with valuable discounts and essential items such as scantrons and copies (up to 10 free). Purchasing the discount card for $15 saves a student $19.50 and provides funding for the Department of Student Organizations SOF grants. This workshop highlights the businesses that participate in the program and ways that you can inform your members and fellow BC students about the value of the KVC Discount Card.

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Logical Fallacies

A brief overview of truth tables and logic. This workshop introduces you to some of the fallacies found in argumentation and debates. Commonly used in advertising, the tools you find in this workshop may help you to better advertise and brand your student organization.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 4pm     BCSGA Executive Boardroom, CC-5

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StudOrg President Training

As president, you need to be prepared to chair your meetings effectively and keep your officers on track. This workshop will cover Robert’s Rules of Order, making agendas, and inspiring your team and your student organization. Vice-presidents will also benefit from this training. If you are thinking about running for President or Vice-president, you might want to look into this workshop.

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StudOrg Treasurer Training

As Treasurer, you need to keep records of your StudOrg’s account and prepare an annual budget. This workshop will go over best practices and answer your questions. Presidents and vice-presidents will also benefit from this training.

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StudOrg ICC Representative Training

ICC Representatives are the liaisons between your student organization and the Student Government, Director of Student Organizations. ICC Representatives are also able to write resolutions that are passed to the BCSGA Senate for ratification. In this way, they are the “House of Representatives” and form a committee that keeps the Student Senate informed as the particular needs of Student Organizations. This workshop cover parliamentary procedure and resolution writing.

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StudOrg Secretary Training

The secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of all student organization meetings and working with the other officers to prepare the agenda and be sure that is properly posted. This workshop will prepare students to properly keep and distribute the minutes. The secretary may also serve as time keeper or moderator for meetings and this workshop will also cover the essentials of parliamentary procedure.

To request this workshop, please email

Advisor Round Table Discussion

StudOrg Advisors play a central role to the success of student organizations. It is important for advisors to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to be able to advise to the best of their ability. These roundtable sessions allow advisors to:

  • Understand identity the varied roles, responsibilities and expectations of student organization advisers.
  • Apply principles of group dynamics to groups they advise.
  • Be equipped to provide training and resources for colleagues engaged in student organization advising.
  • Identify and apply appropriate strategies to resolve conflicts and problem within an organization or with an individual adviser.
  • Discuss the value of a learning centered student development approach to student organization advising.
  • Identify challenges with, and strategies to, advising multi-cultural and identity-based student organizations.

Invitations sent to advisors from the Director of Student Life.

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