Bakersfield College

Student Organization Registration

Any and all Bakersfield College students have the freedom to assemble. When a group chooses to register with the Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA), the student organization is extended Additional Privileges beyond the recognition of being an officially registered student organization (StudOrg).

StudOrg Conditions and Procedures

It is the responsibility of the StudOrg Membership to familiarize themselves with the contents of StudOrg Conditions and Procedures. Officers and the Advisor should take responsibility to inform others in the organization about conditions and procedures affecting your group. Involvement in a registered StudOrg gives each student the opportunity to create a holistic experience by incorporating classroom knowledge with the development of leadership skills, and engagement with the BC and Bakersfield communities. Every StudOrg needs to register with the Office of Student Life on an annual basis as deemed by BCSGA.

Annual StudOrg Registration Form

The online StudOrg registration form expedites the StudOrg registration process for the convenience of the officers and advisors. The Officer that completes the StudOrg registration form will need information from all their officers and their advisor. It is preferred to complete the registration form at a regularly scheduled StudOrg meeting. The annual registration form typically opens for the next academic year by April 1 and is requested to be completed by Labor Day of the following Fall semester.  

Make sure to either select or "Annual Registration" or renewal of your organization or “New StudOrg Registration” if your organization is not listed on the Recognized Student Organizations Website. You must fill in all of the required fields (marked with an asterisk (*). When the form is completed and submitted, click the “Submit” button at the end of the form, and the form will go to the Office of Student Life for review and confirmation with your named Advisor. You will receive a confirmation email when your form is submitted to the Office of Student Life. When everything is verified (typically within one to two weeks) and in compliance with the StudOrg Conditions and Procedures, all named Officers will receive an email to inform you that your StudOrg is now Officially Registered.

StudOrg Officer Update Form 

The Office of Student Life needs to be informed when a StudOrg elects/appoints/replaces one of the four main officers (President, Treasurer, ICC Rep, or Advisor) listed in the annual registration. If the StudOrg has not completed the Annual Registration Form for the current academic year, they must complete that form first. This form is used to modify after the annual registration information has been sent.  

Starting a StudOrg is very easy, but before you get started…

The Office of Student Life is committed to providing support and assistance to all registered StudOrgs registered with BCSGA. The initial step is the completion of the StudOrg Registration Process.

5 steps to starting/renewing your new StudOrg:

  1. Find 3 BC students who will serve as your main officers (President, Treasurer, and ICC Rep). Let us know if you have questions regarding the roles of these officers.
  2. Look for a BC employee who is willing and able to serve as your StudOrg Advisor. Make sure the Advisor has a vested interest in your organization as they are very important to your operations.
  3. Set up a meeting to start working on creating the foundation document for your organization.
  4. Complete the Annual StudOrg Registration Form
  5. Plan and organize your StudOrg meetings and events... and let's have fun!

What are StudOrg Registration Requirements?

The following are minimum requirements for registration:

  1. Submittal of the Annual StudOrg Registration Form, which includes a leadership roster of three (3) currently enrolled BC students who are willing to serve as members and representative officers of the organization. These officers must:
    1. Have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00;
    2. Be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours each semester (Fall/Spring only); and
    3. Be in good standing with the College.
    4. Submit your StudOrg Registration Form Now!
  2. Maintain a current organizational constitution on file with the Office of Student Life.
  3. Have at least one BC faculty or staff member willing to serve as the Advisor.
  4. Officers and Advisors should attend BCSGA ICC Meetings and training workshops when provided.

Need help with your StudOrg documents or resources?

Various resources are available online and downloadable. This includes templates for agendas and minutes, sample constitutions, travel forms, and many more items. They can be used as a template that only requires a few modifications to make it specific to your organization. You can find templates and forms by going to the StudOrg Resources Website