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Renegades at the Fair

In partnership with the Kern County Fair, the Office of Student Life at Bakersfield College will be hosting Renegades at the Fair for the third year in a row on Thursday, September 27, 2018. Check out the events happening on the 27th with evening concert by Air Supply!


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Adult Admission ($3 discount)            $9          

Child Admission ($1 discount)             $4

Carnival Wristbands* ($7 discount)    $28

*Wristband discounts only available until September 18th

**All sales are final.


BCSGA Legislative Affairs Power Lunch

BCSGA Legislative Affairs Department has created the BCSGA Power Lunches. The Power Lunches will consist of local leaders from Kern County that will come to Bakersfield to communicate with the leaders from their area. 

We want the student body to be involved and updated on what is currently happening within the state. Also, to learn from how each individual has become successful in their field and the steps they have taken to get there.
Special Guest: Scarlett Sabin, Director of Bakersfield Ronald McDonald and Youth Coordinator for Bakersfield East Rotary 
Wednesday, September 26th
Fireside Room
We hope you, as the student body of Bakersfield College, enjoy and learn new things from your local leaders. 
The Power Lunches this Semester will focus on two KEY target areas:
Student Involvement: The student body will be involved and connect with our special guest.
Voices of the Student Body: The Guest will connect with and address the concerns and voices of the students including their views on things.
Registration Deadline
Registration is open for students to register for the power lunches. The deadline for each power lunch will be two days before each event. 

Register now for the next BCSGA Power Lunch!

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