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Student Conduct Forms

Incident Reporting Intake Form
Bakersfield College is concerned about the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff.  In an effort to open the lines of communication across campus, Office of Student Life has created this incident report form. If you were involved in a non-academic conduct incident, complete and submit this form. Your report will be sent to the Office of Student Life for further review.


Academic Integrity Reporting Intake Form
As an academic community dedicated to the creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge, Bakersfield College is committed to fostering an intellectual and ethical environment based on the principles of academic integrity. Academic integrity is essential to the success of the College’s educational missions, and violations of academic integrity constitute serious offenses against the entire academic community and the BC Student Code of Conduct.


Student Complaint Intake Form 
This student complaint policy is designed to consider an alleged wrong against a student. Efforts will be made to resolve a complaint in a timely and fair manner. Students who contend they have been treated unfairly have the right, without fear of reprisal, to use a written procedure in their attempt to right an alleged wrong. See KCCD Board Procedures 4F10(a and b) for the Student Complaint and Hearing Panel procedures. If a student feels that there was some unjust from a faculty or staff member, the student can complete this Student Complaint Form. For specific guidelines regarding the complaint process, see Policy 4F10 of the KCCD Board Policy Manual. As laid out in the KCCD policy, BEFORE submitting the completed form to the Office of Student Life, the student must first talk to the head of the department and/or respective Dean. Once the student has spoken to either individual and has not received the desired resolution, the Director of Student Life will assist the student in the process with this completed form. This form is only an intake form to start a conversation with parties involved. submitting this form does not start the KCCD Student Complaint Level I compliant process.


Bias Incident Reporting Intake Form
Bakersfield College is committed to provide safe spaces and to support a comprehensive reporting mechanism for incidents of bias so that BC may better understand the campus climate and work continuously to improve it. In all instances, individuals who experience acts of hate, bias, harassment, or discrimination should feel they have a safe space in which to report the behavior and receive support. Even if a reported incident is not one that constitutes a hate crime or an incident that violates the Student Code of Conduct, the Office of Student Life learns from the reports and obtains feedback on how BC can improve some aspect of the campus climate. Reports may result in individual education or new efforts to improve some aspect of campus life.


Open Records Request for Student Review of Conduct Records 
A student requesting a copy of their conduct records must complete this form and submit an original copy with a government-issued identification to ensure that the student conduct file request is of the requestor. No one other than the student can request his/her own student conduct record. Submissions are to be given to either the Department of Public Safety or the Office of Student Life. 


Please email Dr. Nicky Damania ( for further assistance.

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