Bakersfield College

How to Access Wireless at BC

To connect to the Bakersfield College Wireless Network you will need a computer or handheld device with a Wi-Fi certified IEE 802.11g or 802.11b wireless network connection.

Assuming you are connecting with a computer running Windows, the following instructions will show you how to connect:

Unlike the wired network, current wireless technology does not provide dedicated bandwidth for each computer. Wireless networks therefore do not currently provide the same level of performance or consistency as a wired network. While wireless networking has been found to be acceptable for email, many applications and some web browsing, it may not be suitable for applications and web sites that have high bandwidth requirements, such as video/audio streaming or large file transfers.


  1. Click on the wireless icon in the Task Manager Tray
  2. Click on View Available Wireless Networks
  3. Click on KCCDOpen, then click on Connect
  4. Close wireless network connection window
  5. Launch your browser
  6. On the logon page, type your college-assigned Email Address and Password
  7. Click on the "I Accept" box
  8. Click on the log in box