Bakersfield College

Health and Wellness Staff

Student Health Services

Physical Health Services:

  • First Aid
  • Self-served, over-the-counter medications
  • Condoms (unlimited access under The California Condom Access Project)
  • Single and Two-step TB skin testing excluding blood testing, which can be ordered from a community lab at the student’s expense
  • Flu vaccine in season (call in advance)
  • Wellness coaching, web resources and literature
  • Tobacco cessation counseling and aids, excluding nicotine gum, lozenges and patches
  • Weight, body fat % and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Blood Glucose Screening
  • Urine Pregnancy Tests (equivalent in accuracy to over-the-counter)
  • Medical care is provided by a Family Nurse Practitioner for Wellness Exams and Limited Urgent Care type needs up to a maximum of six (6) visits per semester.
  • Student Accident Reports

NOTE: The student may be financially responsible for any tests which are recommended and not available in the Health Center. Also, you are responsible to understand the benefits and limitations of health insurance available to you. You are encouraged to apply for MediCal or Covered California if you are eligible. Refer to the section on health insurance.

Mental Health Services:

The Student Health Center also provides mental health services. The following services are available to ensure that you have the support that you need while you are carrying on your education and career goals at Bakersfield College.

  • A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker and/or Intern can help you find solutions to problems with stress, relationships, anxiety, depression, fears, self-esteem, alcohol and drug issues, and adjustment to college life.
  • Crisis intervention
  • One-to-one brief psychotherapy, up to six visits a semester

In a confidential atmosphere, let us help you explore your potential. Research supports that healthy behavior, thoughts, and emotions are part of a good education. Contact the center for more information at (661) 395-4336 or Campus Center Room 3.

Online Resources

At-Risk Training

The Bakersfield College community is becoming increasingly aware of the stress our students experience and the negative impact of that stress on their health and academic performance. To address this concern, California community colleges have adopted a series of online training simulations to assist students, faculty and staff in better identifying and connecting to support services on campus and in the community.

We recommend that you take any of the available 45-minute courses at, which are already in use at over 400 colleges and universities.

Private Lactation Space:

A private room has been prepared for mothers who want to express breast milk or breastfeed. The room is located within a private space of room 217 in the Child Development Center.

Treatment of Minors

Any student under the age of 18 is required to have a parental consent form signed before receiving treatment, except in emergencies or cases exempted by law.

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