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The EOP&S Program

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a state-funded support program designed to provide academic support, financial assistance and encouragement for educationally disadvantaged students. The goal of the program is to help eligible students meet their educational objectives, whether they seek occupational certificates, associate degrees, or transfer to four-year institutions.

Services Provided

Students that participate in EOP&S receive the personalized support and services listed below:

  • Priority Registration: First to register before other students on campus
  • Counseling: Counselors will meet with you every semester for advising
  • Book Vouchers: As funding permits, up to $200 towards books
  • Grants: As funding permits, we can help with additional grant money
  • Tutoring: Obtain an extra tutoring referral session per class, per week
  • Student Educational Planning: Develop a Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP) to succeed
  • University Campus Visits: Attend University campus tours
  • Cap & Gown: FREE cap & gown for EOPS graduates (EOPS Cap & Gown Request)
  • CARE program for eligible single parents who receive TANF or CalWORKs benefits
  • Additional services!

"Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner". ~ Les Brown ~

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Eligibility & Application

  • Submit FAFSA or Dream Act application
  • Qualify to receive CA College Promise Grant (formerly known as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver) "A", "B" or "C w/EFC=0"
  • Be a California Resident - AB 540/CA Dreamers are welcome to apply
  • Not earned an AA/BA Degree or more than 24 Degree Applicable units completed
  • Educationally Disadvantaged as determined by EOP&S Guidelines
  • Enrolled in 12 units (full time) at Bakersfield College
  • Complete an EOP&S Application and attend a Mandatory EOP&S Orientation. Virtual orientations will be available for the Summer 2020 semester.

Current EOP&S Students

To be in good standing for EOP&S, you must

  • complete 1 contact with a counselor during the semester
  • fill out a mid-semester survey with a quiz at the end
  • submit progress reports by deadline (you may request an EOP&S counselor to waive if GPA is 3.0 and above.)

Please pay close attention to your student email for updates from the EOP&S office.


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EOP&S History

EOP&S is a state-funded program whose roots originated from the 1960s civil right movement, when awareness of the needs for social equity in every facet of life could no longer be ignored. It was conceived as a way to help those who were both educationally and economically disadvantaged to successfully create a future through educational and life-skills development.

In 1969, Senator Al Alquist proposed Assembly Bill 164, which allocated state funds to create the Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOP&S) in the California Community College system.  This law was designed to aid students with either educations, social, or economic challenges to complete in college.  This action came about as direct result of civil rights activities and social unrest witnessed during the 1960s as a way to address injustices and inequalities in our society.  Assembly Bill 164 was signed into law by Governor Ronald Regan on September 4, 1969, and EOP&S was born, establishing EOP&S within the California Community College system.

The intent was for EOP&S to foster the identification, recruitment, retention, and educational stimulation of students affected by language, social or economic disadvantages, and to equalize the educational opportunities of these potential students. The first EOPS programs were established in Spring 1970 at 46 community colleges. Today, EOP&S exists at all 112 community colleges in California.

EOP&S Symbol

EOP&S LogoIn 1971, the Executive Committee of the California Community College EOP&S Association (CCCEOPSA) adopted the Nickel and the Nail as the symbol of aid offered too many California Community College students through EOP&S.

This symbol, the EOP&S logo, represents a successful effort at helping to provide the motivation and means for students to reach their educational goals. The story goes like this: a young man in the Deep South was walking down a dusty road to visit a lady friend, all too aware that the nickel in his pocket was all he had in the world. That emptiness tore away at his self-esteem. But, as he walked, he noticed two-gnarled horseshoe nails that were twisted together and lying by the road.

He picked them up and put them in his pocket, and as the metal jingled against his meager fortune, the young man walked a little straighter, with a little more pride and dignity. It is important to have “something to jingle.” The nails twisted into a puzzle, suggesting the problem has yet to be unraveled for helping people who, by circumstances of the society in which we live, have been limited in meeting their own educational challenges.

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