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Student Employment Registration

Welcome to the New Student Employment Registration page!

We have developed a brand new online process to apply for on-campus and off-campus jobs. Please complete the following steps below in order to start the process of applying for on-campus and off-campus jobs. In order to access Student Employment Services, ALL students including alumni must register for Jobspeaker.

Step 1:

Complete Online Orientation

Step 2:

Register with JobSpeaker (for best results use Google Chrome)

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Have a smart phone?

Once you have set up your online Jobspeaker account, please visit the App Store or Google Play store to download the free Jobspeaker App to your phone. From there you can apply for jobs right from your phone with one easy swipe.

*This is not required but an added benefit.

New Changes in On-Campus Employment

In order to apply for on- campus employment you must first set up an account with Jobspeaker. From there you can apply online or from your smart phone. If you are actively jobseeking you should check your Jobspeaker account often, all interactions including the scheduling of your interview will be done through the online system. Applying for jobs no longer requires a mandatory appointment but if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to review your resume or interview skills, please contact the Student Employment office at 661-395-4550 or visit the Staff Page to find a major specific Job Developer. You must register for Jobspeaker prior to your appointment.


For major specific internship opportunities please visit the Career & Technical Education Internship page.

Work Experience

For more information on Work Experience, please visit the Career & Technical Education WEX page.

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