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Statement from President Sonya Christian

September 5, 2017

BC President Sonya Christian

Community colleges, a truly great American invention, is a part of what makes America the greatest country on earth.

We at Bakersfield College serve our community as it is, embrace diversity in all its forms, and believe that every person has a right to access quality higher education. We believe that education has a positive impact on individuals and builds economically vibrant and healthy communities. We at BC will continue to uphold our commitment to a quality higher education to all of the students we serve.

The announcement today from Washington DC in regards to the DACA program has had an impact on our campus.

We at BC will continue to provide support to all of our students, including the 800 undocumented students. Our classrooms, just like the communities we serve, are integrated with young adults having dreams for a bright future. To them I say, Bakersfield College is and always will be a place of hope, transformation, diversity, acceptance, and dreams.

Imelda Valdez

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Manuel Rosas

"I have served my community for the past two decades, especially assisting our migrant families, first generation college students, and Dreamers who I consider as the hardest working and brightest students I have ever met. I am completely dedicated to the success of our undocumented students and hope to meet you soon in our LUPE/Conexiones gatherings."

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Octavio Barajas

"Aquí estamos para ayudarlos salir adelante. I'm here to support your pursuit of academic excellence. Con confianza solicite nuestra ayuda."

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Oliver Rosales

"As a historian on the San Joaquin Valley, I recognize the important role immigrants have played in shaping the history of this great valley. It is an honor to serve all of our diverse immigrants and their families as part of the BC family, never forgetting where we came from and more importantly, knowing that BC can be the vehicle to take you where you want to go."

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Rafael Centeno

"Knowledge and success never came from a comfort zone. Allow us to help you reach your academic and career goals. I am here to guide you every step of the way."

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Pedro Ramirez

"The decisions that our students make today, will determine the kind of future they will have tomorrow. Work hard each and every day, take advantage of the support services available to you and whenever any issues arise, reach out to your counselor/Advisor for assistance."

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Elizabeth Rodacker

"Your success is important and language is power. Excellent language skills will empower you and allow you to be the best you can be. Let’s work together to accomplish your goals. Yes, we can!"

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Victor Diaz

"Pasen. Estan en su casa. Together we can not only dream but achieve our goals. Bakersfield College offer us equal opportunity to step up to the challenges today and into the future. I am humbled by the responsibility to help you succeed in your educational pursuit! Somos BC!"

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Jackie Lau

"Despite everything, YOU are destined for greatness. YOU just need a chance! We are offering you that chance, everyone deserves an education. Knowledge is power!"

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Gina Hunter

"Your success is important. I can help you remove the financial barriers that can stop you from reaching your educational goals."

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Jaime Lopez

"Education will open the door to a brighter future! We are here to guide and support you through your academic journey regardless of your background. SI SE PUEDE!"

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