Bakersfield College

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The Bakersfield College AB540 Support Program provides counseling and academic support for students who are eligible under the AB540 in-state tuition exemption. The goal of the program is to help eligible students meet their educational objectives, whether they seek occupational certificates, associate degrees, or transfer to four–year institutions.

What is AB540?

To learn more about AB540, visit Immigration Direct.


Support Services

Rafael Centeno

To receive academic support services and for help completing the form, please contact Rafael Centano at

"Knowledge and success never came from a comfort zone. Allow us to help you reach your academic and career goals. I am here to guide you every step of the way."

Armando Trujillo

If you are a veteran, please contact Armando Trujillo at

"Have you served in the military outside of California for over one year? If so, AB 540 allows you to reestablish residency with your DD214."

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