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CAS Workshops

Please Note: CAS Workshops have been put on hold as of Spring 2017. Check back for future announcements when they are reinstated. We apologize for any inconvenience.

CAS (Critical Academic Skills) Workshops are free to all BC students, and you can just drop in whenever a session fits your schedule. You don't even need to make an appointment.

To find a workshop that best suits your needs, check the schedules below, check the upcoming schedule on InsideBC. or keep an eye out for our flyers. Each workshop offers active learning activities and some individual assistance.

Just make sure to arrive on time since latecomers are not admitted.






Check back here for more a schedule of CAS Workshops once when they become available.

Course Descriptions

Note: These workshop descriptions cover our entire pool of topics, but not all topics are offered each semester. Course offerings are different at each campus.

Study and Life Skills:

BC Decorative Balloon ArchCollege Survival Skills
This workshop will help you assimilate on the college campus. Topics discussed will be the differences between college vs. high school and navigating the college system. You will also learn why it is important to know the campus culture, expectations, and pitfalls that may arise.  Lastly, where to go for assistance will be provided.

Test Taking Tips
Upon completion, you should understand and be able to apply the PIRATES strategy and its subsets to a real testing situation. PIRATES: Prepare to succeed; Inspect the instructions; Read, Remember, Reduce; Answer or Abandon; Turn Back; Estimate; Survey.

Maximizing Memory
In this workshop, you will learn to identify and demonstrate memory techniques, including concentration, classification, repetition, association and mnemonic devices. You will acquire 12 principles to help increase your memory skills.

Successful Note Taking Skills (Delano only)
You will learn to use standard components of note taking, including punctuation, abbreviations, and margin notation.  Also addressed is the highly effective Cornell Note Taking system, which can revolutionize the way you study.

English Skills:

The Art of Writing Summaries
You will understand why summary writing is so crucial in the learning process, how to vary your level of detail depending on the nature of the task, and ways to paraphrase information so that you capture the bigger picture without neglecting significant details.

Commas I:  Phrases and Clauses (Delano only)BC Students in a small computer lab
You will increase your competency in the use of commas by learning how to recognize independent clauses, dependent clauses, and phrases.  By repeated practice applying relevant grammar and punctuation rules to various sentences, you will make proper punctuation with commas a solid habit.  You will also learn about elements of sentence structure, including subjects and predicates and pertinent parts of speech, such as subordinating conjunctions, nouns, and verbs.

Commas II:  Restrictive and Non-restrictive Elements (Delano only)
You will increase your competency in the use of commas by recognizing restrictive vs. non-restrictive sentence elements.  You will gain a better understanding of sentence structure, especially what constitutes a complete sentence as opposed to a fragment.  In addition, you will discover how to identify and use appositives and conjunctive adverbs.  All of these skills will be acquired by ample practice applying the rules to sample sentences.

Preventing Plagiarism
The plagiarism workshop tackles basic plagiarism problems through discussion and use of examples. After discussing and defining various kinds of plagiarism, you will examine sample paraphrases and quotes, comparing them to the original passages to determine accuracy and detect any plagiarism problems in the passages. Finally, you will work in groups to practice paraphrasing a passage of writing.

Fixing Fragments
You will learn to identify a fragment and implement ways to fix the fragment to make it an independent sentence using a variety of strategies.

Resisting Run-ons
You will learn to identify run-on sentences (fused and comma splice) and adopt tools to repair run-ons using different approaches.

Tips for Writing a Strong Thesis Statement
You will learn techniques for creating powerful thesis statements that succinctly emphasize the main focus of your papers and help you as a writer to stay on track.

Math Skills:

Three students walking togetherMeet the Metric System
This workshop, especially crucial for success in science courses, provides an introduction to the metric system as a whole, and discussion includes why it's important for you to become familiar with the metric system, which is used in other countries around the world. 

Metric Conversions
Learn how to accurately convert standard units of measurement used in the United States to metric units, recognized internationally.  Develop a sense of the length a meter represents, for example, without having to first translate from a foot.  This workshop will help you to conceptualize various metric units by providing you with numerous visual aids and relative comparisons.

Basic Math Skills
Develop a stronger grasp of basic mathematical operations, which provide the foundation for moving on to more advanced math courses.  Topics covered include addition/subtraction and multiplication/division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals with an emphasis on word problems.

Deciphering Decimals (Delano only)
In this workshop, you will review how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.  Additionally, you will work on rounding decimals, interpreting place values, and converting decimals into percentages.

Figuring Out Fractions (Delano only)
This workshop will assist you with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and mixed numbers with an emphasis on the fact that all math problems can be solved using the RULES that govern the operation.  If you remember the rule, you CAN solve any problem!  So, the goal is to make working with fractions easier by taking you step by step through your problems, highlighting the rules necessary to follow in finding the correct answer.

Habits of Mind:

Habits of Mind at BC LogoPersist/Be Focused:  Based on the P from the BC Habits of Mind acronym POSSIBLE, this workshop emphasizes the importance of completing an ed plan and will give you direct assistance in setting up your own individualized ed plan.  Research indicates that if you complete an ed plan, you will be more likely to persist in college and stay focused on your academic goals.

Based on the O from the BC Habits of Mind acronym POSSIBLE, this workshop will help you plan ahead for quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals by creating your own personalized academic calendar with important dates for each course, as well as important dates on the BC campus.

Strive for Excellence/Emphasize Integrity
Based on the first S from the BC Habits of Mind acronym POSSIBLE, the goal of this workshop is to encourage you to realize the importance of doing your best in every endeavor you undertake both academically as well as personally and understand that doing what is right is closely related to giving your best.

Stay Involved
Based on the second S from the BC Habits of Mind acronym POSSIBLE, this workshop will convince you to get involved in campus activities as well as what it means to be involved during class time. You will also be introduced to all of the Stay Involved tools available on the BC website and especially in the Habits of Mind app.

Based on the I from the BC Habits of Mind acronym POSSIBLE, this fantastic workshop will help you comprehend what it truly means to be an innovative thinker, an individual willing to think critically and creatively, and how you can encourage yourself and others to think beyond established boundaries.

Be Focused/Innovate
Based on the B from the BC acronym POSSIBLE, this workshop will equip you with the tools you need to maintain your focus in a world filled with distractions and unproductive choices.  You will be exposed to valuable resources on the Habits of Mind website and leave knowing that your ability to be focused will ultimately lead to more innovative ways of solving your challenges.

Learn for Life
Based on the L from the BC Habits of Mind acronym POSSIBLE, this workshop drives home the crucial point that learning information is not solely for the purpose of passing a test but rather will benefit and enrich your entire lifespan and even have a positive impact on generations to come.

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