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First Generation Students

Bakersfield College presented international award-winning film about First Generation College students. Two of the students showcased in the film are from Kern County.

We asked film viewers to complete a short survey to share their thoughts on the film, and how it affected their view of First Generation Students.

Over 500 people attended the movie showings and we processed about 350 surveys. When asked, "Did watching the movie change any of your thinking about first generation students and college?" 90% of respondents answered YEs with 60% answering YES, A LOT.

When asked, "Did watching the movie change any of your thinking about things you could do to help first generation students?" 92% of the respondents answered Yes with 64% answering Yes, a LOT.

Most of the attendees were college students who shared that the movie inspired and motivated them. Many students committed to seeing a counselor, going to financial aid and making their student education plans.

You can read the entire First Generation Student Update, March 7, 2014, here.

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