Bakersfield College

AERA STEM Success Center

Aera STEM Student Success Center

The Aera STEM Student Success Center was opened in Fall of 2016 with a kind donation from AERA Energy to renovate an old garage to a modern study and support building for students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs at Bakersfield College. Some pre-renovation pictures are posted at the bottom of this page.

The Center offers flexible study spaces for STEM students using mobile marker boards and tables. A quiet room has LAN ports that allow students to hook up a laptop computer to print assignments.

Inside of STEM Center
Classroom inside STEM Center
Computer lab inside STEM Center


Academic counselor offices are an integral part of the Center, so STEM students can get more direction on how to plan their education at Bakersfield College for successful completion and transfer towards rewarding careers. Counseling times vary during throughout the year, so check the posted schedules in the Center.

Round table inside STEM Center
Interior of STEM Center
STEM Student Success Center


The Aera STEM Student Success Center is also the home to the Bakersfield College MESA group, which helps provide additional support to STEM students who qualify. See the MESA web pages for more information about this important support group.


The transformation of an old garage to a modern study area for STEM students was a cleaver work of design of engineering. You will see bellow the pictures of the garage before and after renovations.

Progress picture of transforming the STEM Center when it was a garage
Progress picture of STEM Center transformation when it was a garage
New STEM Center Outside