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The AERA STEM Success Center is open for student support during normal college office hours. For more information, please see the AERA STEM Success Center page.


Bakersfield College’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) pathway mission is to educate STEM students by providing rigorous educational opportunities that emphasize high standards and continuous improvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and to prepare students for transfer opportunities.

Our STEM program provides Tutoring, Educational planning, Employment Opportunities, Counseling, and Speaker series talks.

The STEM disciplines include:

Associate Degrees

Bacchelor Degree

Certificate of Completion


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Educational Planning Contact Information:

Laurel Mourtzanos, Counselor - STEM Pathway

(661) 395-4421

AERA STEM Success Center Room 109


Josh Shackelford, Education Advisor - STEM Pathway

(661) 395-4421

AERA STEM Success Center


Jonathan Kim, Education Advisor - STEM Pathway

(661) 395-4346

CSS Student Success Center


Jesus Oropeza, Counselor - STEM Pathway

(661) 720-2077

Delano Campus Room 1001