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Number Course Title Description
POLS B1 American Government: National, State and Local A study of American government with emphasis on the national government. Includes a comprehensive analysis of governmental structure, functions, principles and problems. Includes analysis of California state and local governments.
POLS B2 Comparative Government A comparative analysis of government structures and the underlying economic, social, and cultural systems of the principal nations of the industrial world: United Kingdom, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Russia, and Japan. Additional emphasis on certain nations in sensitive geographic areas or countries whose size and developing economies make them important, such as the People's Republic of China, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Egypt, India and Nigeria
POLS B3 International Politics Surveys the dynamics and ideologies of present-day international politics and rivalries. Development of the national state system and the evolution of the techniques and arts of diplomacy, and the causes of war.
POLS B5 Current Issues in American Government Study of special current events, such as elections, impeachment proceedings, or Constitutional revisions. Offered only as such events occur.
POLS B12 Contemporary Issues in California State and Local Government Analysis of the role of state and local governments, with special emphasis directed to the history and development of these institutions; the state and local political systems; the political environment; party, interest group, citizen and media inputs; current problems and changing functions affecting local governments.
POLS B16 Vital Political Problems Examination of major political problems challenging the United States today. Emphasis on class discussion and individual analysis of controversial topics involving political policy in the context of the study of political science.
POLS B42ab Principles of Leadership, Theories/Reality Student officers serving their first term are required by ASBC By-Laws to enroll in this course.
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