Bakersfield College

Social Justice Institute

Educational equity -- that's the focus of the Bakersfield College Soical Justice Institute. Their mission: to create a collaborative space for the BC community to engage in conversation and analyze issues of social justice, equity and pedagogy in the community college. They'll also study the impact of biases -- both intentional and unintentional -- in instruction, as well as other professional teaching and service contexts.

Energizing Humanities in California's San Joaquin Valley

The Social Justice Institute serves as the primary sponsor and host for events related to a $100,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant that was awarded to the Kern Community College District for faculty professional development and improvement and innovation in humanities instruction. This grant is part of the NEH's Humanities Initiatives at Community Colleges program, and it will fund public speaking events, faculty workshops, and summer bridge sessions over the course of three academic years. For more information, visit the Energizing Humanities page or follow the link on the menu.