Welcome Renegades! The majority of our classes are online for Spring 2021. A few essential courses are face-to-face with safety protocols. All services have moved online and physical campuses are closed.
Visit the COVID-19 page for up-to-date information.

Bakersfield College

Welcome to Supplemental Instruction at Bakersfield College.

Supplemental Instruction

SI Session Schedule for Spring 2020

What Is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • Group tutoring sessions set up for specific courses (subjects)
  • Each session is led by a student, known as an SI Leader, who has already passed the course successfully
  • SI Leader attends your course meetings all semester along with you, so that he/she knows exactly what the instructor is requiring
  • SI sessions involve group discussion of course concepts with an emphasis on study skills and learning strategies
  • Students who regularly come to SI get higher grades!!

Prefer help one-on-one? You can also check out the Tutoring Center!

Why Should I Attend?Student at Supplemental Instruction

  • Get higher course grade
  • Meet new people and get involved on campus
  • Learn valuable study skills
  • Enjoy the learning process

How do I get Involved?

  • If your course has an SI Leader, pay attention to the in-class announcements that he/she makes about session times
  • If your course doesn't have an SI Leader, check out the SI Session Schedule link on this page and join a session--all students are welcome!

Interested in becoming an SI Leader?

  • Make sure you earn an A or B in the class for which you'd like to be an SI Leader
  • Ask your instructor to recommend you--an application link will be sent out to instructors around the 12th week of the semester
  • View the SI Leader Fact Sheet to learn more about what being an SI Leader entails
  • After being recommended, check your BC e-mail regularly for announcements on the employment process from Mrs. Pierce, SI Program Manager