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Wage Tracker

College Wage Tracker Methodology:

The College Wage Tracker datamart module queries median wages of students who completed credit awards at a particular California Community College over a series of academic years using California Employment Development (EDD) Unemployment Insurance (UI) wage data .

Total annual median wages for students three years after completion of award are displayed and categorized by College and type of award.  The type of awards are defined by the Taxonomy of Program (TOP) code and the level of the award, including , ‘Associate Degrees’, ‘Chancellor’s Office approved Certificates’ and ‘Locally Approved Certificates’.

Cohorts of Students:

The cohorts of students are those who received an award anytime over 8 consecutive academic years.  The students could not have transferred to a four year institution, could not be enrolled anywhere in the California Community College system after receiving an award and were older than 21 at time of award.

Wage Calculations:

The wages for each student in the eight cohorts are captured three years after receiving the award.  The wages are adjusted to for inflation to constant dollars using the California CPI-U.

After combining the eight award cohorts into a single group, the median wage was calculated for the combined cohort group by TOP code, award category and college. The median wages calculated do not represent any one year but instead are the combined median wages for multiple award cohorts.

Students from cohort groups were excluded from wage calculations if they had no wages during the calculation year. For example if a student was reported in the EDDUI file as having no wages three years after earning an award they would be excluded from the calculation of the median.

Award categories with less than 10 students having wages were also excluded to ensure confidentiality.

A student is counted if they show up as having earned wages at any quarter during the year. For instance if a student earned wages in quarters 1 and 3 in a given academic year, these wages would be summed and this total would be the student’s wages for that academic year.

Awards with no graduates in the last two years of the combined 8 year group of graduates were excluded.

Data Fields:

  • Median Wage 3 Years After: is the median wage 3 years after receiving the award for a given TOP code and award category.
  • Total Award: The number of awards in the award type/TOP code combination after exclusions are applied (no enrollment in system after award, no transfer to 4 year college and over age 21 at award time).
  • Award to Wage Match Rate: Percent students in Total Awards column that were matched with wages 3 years after award.


Note that not all students earning wages will be found in the EDDUI wage data. EDD UI data only contains wages for those who were employed in an occupation covered by Unemployment Insurance in California. This excludes individuals who were employed by the military or federal government, self-employed, employed out of state, unemployed, or not in the workforce after completion of an award. The EDDUI data also does not indicate how many hours an individual worked or part time/full time status. Since we are matching to EDDUI wage files students are also required to have an SSN. Wages are adjusted for inflation to constant dollars using the California CPI-U.

Median wages for various certificates and AA/AS degrees

Skills Builder

Skills builders are a substantial proportion of our student college population.  They do not always have traditional outcomes, such as awards or transfer.

CTE (Career Technical Education) students are a challenge to identify.

Wages have not been used as an outcome is statewide accountability. 

These data relate directly to wage changes associated with Bakersfield College coursework.

Resource for more information:

TOP Category Median Wages Before Median Wages After Percent Gain
Fire Academy 26,400 71,406 170
Electrical 43,443 78,002 80
Drafting Technology 25,349 40,535 60
Automotive Technology 12,062 25,193 109
Wildland Fire Technology 78,064 89,813 15
Fire Technology 100,756 104,837 4
Welding Technology 13,502 26,237 94
Plant Science 6,509 11,599 78
Information Technology, General 9,217 17,630 91
Administration of Justice 10,643 17,627 66
Water and Wastewater Technology 32,447 40,866 26
Police Academy 30,769 46,736 52
Accounting 13,712 19,068 39
Journalism 12,571 19,208 53
Business Management 13,064 20,624 58
Business and Commerce, General 13,528 22,308 65
Corrections 37,818 38,538 2
Machining and Machine Tools 36,559 41,125 12
Registered Nursing 17,422 20,634 18
Child Development/Early Care and Education 11,319 14,621 29
Nutrition, Foods, and Culinary Arts 10,488 18,430 76
Culinary Arts 10,595 15,250 44
Emergency Medical Services 19,245 25,624 33
Forestry 7,579 9,528 26
Software Applications 14,956 18,347 23
Animal Science 7,832 8,921 14
Manufacturing and Industrial Technology 23,202 33,906 46
Nursing 14,178 18,995 34
Applied Photography 4,351 6,487 49
Office Technology/Office Computer Applications 22,058 16,549 -25
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