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Renegade Scorecard: Success - Completion

Current Data: 2014-2015

Data Strands

Data Strand: Achievement

Data Updated: August 10, 2016

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Over 80% of the students at BC arrive under-prepared needing to take one or more courses in the basic skills pathway, so success here will drive overall success for students. Bakersfield College is not satisfied with the low success rates through the remedial pathways. BC targets have been set to improve these numbers and several grants (Title 5; SSSP; BSI; College Futures, etc.) are designed to increase success and decrease time to completion. BC examines disaggregated success rates to ensure we are not overlooking specific student populations.

BC Identified Standard
Underprepared Completion: 40%

Statewide Average

The percentage of first-time students with minimum of 6 units earned who attempted any Math or English in the first three years and achieved any of the following outcomes within six years of entry: Earned AA/AS or credit Certificate (Chancellor’s Office approved); Transfer to four-year institution (students shown to have enrolled at any four-year institution of higher education after enrolling at a CCC); Achieved “Transfer Prepared” (student successfully completed 60 UC/CSU transferable units with a GPA >= 2.0)

The following specifications were used to break out the cohort into two groups of students, prepared and underprepared: If the lowest attempted English or Math course was transferable or degree applicable the student is classified as prepared. Whereas if the lowest attempted math or English course was coded by CB 21 as a remedial level course – not transferable of degree applicable, the student is classified as unprepared. This does not consider the degree of remediation required simply the first course attempted.

The data is available at the CCCCO –State Chancellor’s office for the individual colleges as well as the system. 5 years of data can be downloaded and it is disaggregated over the 5 years.


Data Updated: August 10, 2016


Data Updated: August 10, 2016


Data Updated: August 10, 2016

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