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Renegade Scorecard: Student Success

Our Student Success data is organized into two categories: Student Achievement and Student Learning.

Student Achievement

Student Learning

Student Achievement

Steps to Success

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Entry Progression Completion Employment


At BC, 19% of students were prepared and 81% were remedial. Statewide, 25% were prepared and 75% were remedial. Source is CCCCO Scorecard, 2015


Chart shows percent of remedial students tracked for 6 years who completed a college-level course. For math, 26.6%; English 30.4%; ESL 29.5%

Data updated August 10, 2016

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Note: Wage data is not available for all degrees and certificates. For more information, please select "About the Numbers" on the following page.

Award year: 2002-2003 through 2009-2010 (most recent data available)

Data updated August 10, 2016

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Student Learning

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