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Renegade Scorecard: Annual Headcount


Annual Unduplicated Headcount (2015-2016):


Full Time Equivalents (2015-2016):


Source: CCCCO Scorecard

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Data Strand: Operations

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BC, like most colleges suffered a loss of students with the economic  downturn. Currently BC is on a steep increase in the number of students it is serving.

BC has a goal to grow by 4.5% over the next year. Colleges measure growth in FTES or Full-time equivalent students. See the definition of this in About the Numbers.

These numbers are from the CCCCO website.

Total students represent the head count; some students may only be taking a class or two.

In order to make comparable numbers, colleges look at FTES. The FTES value is calculated by summing the "Total Hours" (refer to SXD4 in CCCCO MIS Data Element Dictionary) in all the enrollment records reported to CCCCO MIS.

CCCCO Student Success Scorecard

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