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Renegade Scorecard: Matriculation

Current Data: 2014-2015

Matriculation Data

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BC's new efforts to improve student success are an integrated model involving of Counseling, DSPS, EOPS, Equity and Inclusion, Matriculation, Making it Happen, and Outreach core services.

The efforts focus upon a new strategy to reach out to students earlier, in the high schools, to begin the process of engaging college, and proactively directing students to get a comprehensive student education plan and to get help early through student support services interventions.

The increase in these metrics is clear evidence that BC is more fully matriculating the students in the four core services of Orientation, Assessment, Educational planning, Counseling and Follow-up.

The CCCCO has indicated that 100% of new incoming students must have an educational plan by the time they reach 15 units. Priority registration is linked to completion of this plan.

BC has 100% as a target, but realizes reaching that target will involve a continuous improvement process that includes revising institutional policy and having adequate staffing to meet the demands of over 5000 students annually.

These numbers are available in the Program review data linked to the Scorecard. They can also be accessed at under Datamart at the CCCCO

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