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Bakersfield College

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What are you interested in?

  • Designing and testing new treatments to lower the likelihood of valley fever being a problem for people?
  • Working at a local lab in agriculture or petroleum analytical work as a nice job?
  • Looking for new advanced materials used for energy production, transmission, and storage?
  • Being a physician, physician's assistant, nurse, medical researcher, environmental scientist (or activist!), or even a patent lawyer?

For all of these and many others, a degree in chemistry from BC is an excellent place to start. This is true whether or not your ultimate goal is chemistry itself. Many other areas have our chemistry courses as their entry requirements–the knowledge and understanding gained from our classes are critical to your success in other areas of study and work. Understanding the behavior of matter is the basis for so many areas of research and scientific application … chemistry is called the central science for good reason!

Two degrees are offered here. One pushes you to the level needed by transfer programs and careers which require a deep level of academic work for success; think of lead research chemists, medical doctors and researchers, academic scientific interests, being at the staff and upper levels of a scientific or technical industry, or at the middle of solving some of the very real world problems. This is the AS-T degree.

The AS degree is aimed at programs and careers which require the same exposure but at a lessor level because of the reduced need for advanced chemical knowledge; these include some allied health careers including nursing and physician's assistant programs, various veterinary schools, some environmental and agricultural programs, local job requirements for laboratory positions, and others.

It is important to know what you are interested in, so it is strongly recommended that you speak with us about your goals. There is nothing to be gained from wandering through your time here without a clear understanding of what you need to succeed in your life's ambitions. Talk with us! One of these degrees is certainly the better choice for you.

Learn to be a problem solver, a communicator, and a team player in the scientific world–skills needed by the industries! Get your chemistry degree at BC!

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