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Bakersfield College

Group III: Commercial, For-profit Organizations and Events

KCCD Board Policy, Procedure 3B1, Guidelines for Use of District/College Property/Facilities, references Group III as follows:

Group III--Commercial, for-profit entities and other applicants not covered by the law, will be charged Group II rates (rental charge, and actual costs, plus excess costs). College and District business officers are also authorized to negotiate with these applicants agreements which have Group II rates as a minimum and allow for a percentage of gross revenue. Proof of insurance shall require such applicants to provide the Kern Community College District with a Certificate of Insurance provide liability coverage with limits of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000). The certificate must list the Kern Community College District as additional insured and be accompanied by an endorsement.

Facility rental includes opening and closing of facility, light custodial work and supervision. The custodial and grounds department will determine charges for extraordinary custodial set-up or clean-up.

Events for non-profit organizations whose purposes are to improve the general welfare of the local community, and charge no fees or admission for such events will fall under the Group I category.

Fees for commercial photography and motion picture filming are not limited to the above fee schedule and may include overall campus use fees as negotiated with the applicant based upon overall impact on the District/College.

Kern Community College District