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Group I: College Meeting/Activity

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KCCD Board Policy, Procedure 3B1, Guidelines for Use of District/College Property/Facilities, references Group I as follows:

"Group I (College Program --excess costs only) authorized District/College groups, and foundations which support the mission of the District, will be afforded the highest priority and shall be granted use of College property without charge, except if any use requires personnel overtime or special services, a charge for such services may be made.

You must Read the KCCD Board Policy/Procedures related to event scheduling.

Type "yes" in the box below to indicate that you have read this policy.

Supervisor(s) with review authority. (Contact person for this request)

Name of Event

Detailed description of event (be specific and complete). *INCLUDE ANY COMMERCIAL OR POLITICAL ACTIVITY

Event Type

Will you be serving:

*If you plan to serve alcohol, you must complete the Permit for Event Use of Alcohol on District Property.

Names of participating lecturers, instructors, artists or performers

Who is the intended audience of this event?

Will a registration or admission fee be charged? If yes, state amount and purpose. If no, enter "N/A"

Estimated Attendance

If the event is co-sponsored, please list the sponsors below. If not, please type, "N/A."

Date of Event

Additional Dates for event, if any. (Use only if all other items are identical).*

*If your event spans more than one semester, PLEASE SUBMIT A FORM FOR EACH SEMESTER

Access time facility will be needed (to allow for setup):

Vacate time facility will be available (after cleanup)

Start time of event

What time will the event end?

Desired Facility

Criteria for alternate space (if desired space is not available) 

If no alternate space is acceptable, so state.

What is your desired facility setup?

Lecture - rows of chairs facing one table with chairs in front of room
Workshop - Rows of tables and chairs facing main table and chair in front of room
Conference - chairs arranged around one long table
Banquet - Chairs arranged around series of round tables

Please indicate your preference below. If you would like a custom layout, you must fax or mail your layout to the Events Manager.

What services will you require?

*Food Services - Contact for arrangements and linens: 661/395.4345

List requested services (chairs, tables, staging, electrical, podium, special equipment, etc.) Please specify:

Contact Information

Name (must be BC staff)

Supervisor who will be present for event (Must be a BC employee to avoid supervision charges)

Submitter information (If you are submitting this on behalf of someone else, please fill in your own information here)

Should this activity/event be listed on the public events calendar on the BC website (

Please submit events at least 2 weeks in advance for calendar placement. If possible, send promotional photos and any additional information to Shannon Musser at After the event, you may submit photos to Shannon Musser or to

Events not submitted ten (10) working days in advance may not be approved, and if approved, may not receive all services expected, including setups and HVAC.

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