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Renegade talks

Renegade Talks Archive

April 10, 2018

Amber Smithson


Title: Twelve Seconds

Chris Cruz-Boone


Title: Rolling the Dice: Should I Play Board Games with my Husband or Should I Get a Divorce?

Teena Bensuson


Title: Manners and Today's Society

Daniel Mechem


Title: The Burden of Freedom

Julian West


Title: Black Masculine Identity

Joe Saldivar


Title: Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum: A Fork in the Academic Road

April 21, 2016

Helen Acosta


Title: Allyship: It's In Your Hands

Joe Saldivar


Title: The Temptation of Correlation

Tiffiny Karoll


Title: Terms and Conditions

Nick Strobel


Title: Looking for the Needle of Meaning in a Universe of 100 Billion Haystacks

Melanie Cohen


Title: Melanie Cohen: My Piece of Black History


April 9, 2015

Lisa Harding


Title: Why Being a Renegade Really Matters

Todd Coston


Title: Laughter is More Than a Sound...It's a Whole Body Experience!


Talita Pruett


Title: Resilience and Culture

Oliver Rosales


Title: Why History Matters: Remembering Forgotten Struggles for Civil Rights and Social Justice


Joe Saldivar


Title: “Who Should We Blame For Being Obese?”

Andrea Thorson


Title: Sticks and Stones…Words Can Hurt Us

August 20, 2014

Randy Beeman


Title: The 70's Revisited

Talita Pruett


Title: Intercultural Interactions

Valerie Robinson


Title: Why We Should Be Smiling

Joe Saldivar


Title: Do Scientists Care About Cloning Humans?

Reggie Williams


Title: BC: The Future

Kern Community College District