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Renegade talks

Renegade Talks

We're excited to announce the 2018 edition of Renegade Talks, a series of 6-15 minute presentations aimed to inspire, challenge, and expose the mind to new perspectives. Based on the popular TED Talks concept of "Ideas Worth Sharing", Renegade Talks bring together BC faculty and students to deliver short, innovative, subject-based discussions.

A list of Renegade Talks speakers and their topics is below. Admission is free, and all ages are welcome to attend. However, coordinators encourage people to look at the topics beforehand to find trigger warnings that might help determine which speeches are suitable for them.

To view past Renegade Talks, visit the Renegade Talks Archive page.

If you are interested in being added to our Renegade Talks mailing list or would like to present on a topic, please contact Andrea Thorson and Todd Coston.

Renegade Talks 2018 Speakers

Rolling the Dice: Should I Play Board Games with my Husband or Should I Get a Divorce?

  • Presenter: Chris Cruz-Boone, Professor of Communication
  • Trigger warning for discussion of violence

Communication scholars contend that in many instances, the dark side of interpersonal communication (infidelity, betrayal, deception, etc.) can provide an opening for a relationship to thrive. This heartbreaking, yet inspirational talk offers a unique conflict resolution strategy for couples looking to save their marriage.

photo of Chris Cruz-Boone

Black Masculine Identity

  • Presenter: Julian James West, Equity Specialist and Academic Advisor
  • Trigger warning for discussion of death or dying

In a riveting speech, West examines the complexity and origins of the masculine identity of black men in America. West’s moving presentation reveals that throughout history, black masculine identity has been a dynamic social construct that can be either an asset or a hindrance.

photo of Julian West

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum: A Fork in the Academic Road

  • Presenter: Joe Saldivar, Professor of Biology

Dr. Joe will describe a specific part of a cell and how it embodies the link between academic maturity and social maturity in a hilarious and entrancing ten-minute speech.

photo of Joe Saldivar

Twelve Seconds

  • Presenter: Amber Smithson, Community Liaison for Behavioral Healthcare Hospital and a current BC student
  • Trigger warning for discussion of suicide, death or dying

Ms. Smithson presents a deeply motivating look at suicide awareness and education as she argues awareness is the first step in stopping the silent epidemic. In an emotionally stirring speech, Smithson proves we need to understand the underlying causes of suicide, what signs to look for, and most importantly, Smithson tells us what do we do to help.

Sonya Christian and Amber Smithson

Manners and Today's Society

  • Presenter: Teena Bensusen, Community Liaison for Behavioral Healthcare Hospital and a current BC student

Ms. Bensusen gives us a nostalgic, yet contemporary look at manners as she discusses how manners and civility have changed. Using a bit of humor and honest talk, Bensusen unlocks what has contributed to the change in manners and what we can do to make things better.

photo of Teena Bensusen

The Burden of Freedom

  • Presenter: Daniel Mechem, Veteran and a current BC student

Most of us enjoy our freedom without understanding that it requires maintenance, according to Mr. Mechem, a veteran student at Bakersfield College. This enthralling speech will educate and challenge you to do your part in this time of lies, fake news, and distrust.

photo of Daniel Mechem
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