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We Are BC: Renegade Alumni Council

Renegade Alumni Council

What is the Renegade Alumni Council?

At the urging of two energetic young alumni, the Bakersfield College Renegade Alumni Council (RAC) was established to actively engage and advocate for BC’s most recent graduates. RAC receives its funding and its charter from the Bakersfield College Foundation.

RAC was formed to work with the Bakersfield College Alumni Association to address the engagement needs of the young alumni population. RAC represents Renegade alumni who graduated from the College since the graduating class of 2007.


RAC serves the young Renegade alumni community by:

  • Promoting the social, professional, philanthropic, and service interests of recent alumni
  • Fostering closer interaction between young alumni and the greater community
  • Engendering continued support of the College and its educational missions through service of specific initiatives
  • Educating current students and recent alumni about goals, purposes, projects and services and increasing involvement with the College

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Tell Us Your BC Story

Please tell us your Renegade story. How did your time at BC help shape your life? Is the Home of the Renegades where you found your passion, your voice, or inspiration from one or more of our professors? Did you make made lifelong friends, fall in love, or discover your future career? What are you doing now that might be of interest to your fellow alumni?


RAC is composed of members, with at least two members representing each of the recent graduating classes. From this group, an executive committee of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, public relations manager, and events coordinator is elected each year. Council members serve on committees and project working groups.

RAC is advised and coordinated by the Foundation and the Director of Student Life. Each spring, two new board members from the current graduating class, along with other alumni who have graduated in the last 13 years, are selected to participate in the Renegade Alumni Council. We seek alumni who are passionate about working to optimize the postgraduate experience for all young alumni, regardless of their involvement as students, degree, or their current engagement with the College as alumni.

Members serve for a term of three years and may be eligible for re-election to an additional three-year period at the expiration of their first term. From its inception, the Renegade Alumni Council has attempted to be a dynamic, proactive group. Each member is expected to be active and willing to take on responsibilities related to the goals of the Renegade Alumni Council.


At the heart of Renegade Alumni Council are the 26 alumni that comprise its membership, composed of 2 representatives from each of the 13 most recent graduating classes. Unless not able to participate, the BCSGA President of each given year is automatically enrolled as one of the two representatives. The success of the Council depends largely on the leadership, enthusiasm, and dedication provided by its members. These volunteers generate initiatives and activities.

Responsibilities generally include the following:

  • Actively participate on one of the Council’s committees/initiatives
  • Actively participate in Council-related activities
  • Represent the Renegade Alumni Council, the Alumni Association, and the College whether are at college or in their respective community
  • Attend annual meetings and participate in occasional conference calls as scheduled

If you are interested in joining the RAC Leadership Board, please email studentlife@bakersfieldcollege.edu today!

Four Pillars of RAC

The work of the Renegade Alumni Council is grounded in four key pillars: career development; student engagement and philanthropy; traditions; and young alumni engagement. These pillars inform our goals and initiatives on a yearly basis and serve as the foundation for our work. The efforts and contributions of RAC members, while self-directed in nature and flexible by design, must align with, and support, these pillar areas.

Career Development

The Renegade Alumni Council seeks to provide career-related insight, resources, and opportunities to current students and young alumni. In developing programming and content related to each of the unique stages of career exploration and growth, from current students to 13 years out of college, RAC seeks to capitalize on the phenomenal academic experience that Bakersfield College provides, and leverage the liberal arts education for continuing personal and professional advancement.


  • Provide relevant career-related resources to students and young alumni at various stages of their personal and professional journeys
  • Connect young alumni with students for mentoring purposes, and young alumni with each other for networking opportunities
  • Build a community of professional support that works to ease the transition from student to young professional

Student Engagement and Philanthropy

Members of the Renegade Alumni Council serve as liaisons between BC’s young alumni community and current students. RAC aims to facilitate the student to alumni transition, and more intentionally educate current students about alumni engagement and the importance of philanthropy.


  • Educate students about the Bakersfield College Alumni Association, and the ways in which the alumni community supports the student experience
  • Facilitate inter-generational student/alumni relationships
  • Foster a sense of connectedness between students and young alumni


The Renegade Alumni Council is committed to increasing understanding and awareness of BC’s institutional mission, history, and traditions among current students and alumni. In celebrating BC’s history and traditions, the RAC will work to promote and inspire lifelong pride and support of the College.


  • Teach current students about BC’s rich history and diverse traditions
  • Foster pride among students and alumni
  • Offer opportunities for direct communication between students and alumni
  • Educate students and young alumni about BC’s strengths and challenges in preparation for their lifelong role as alumni
  • Keep young alumni engaged and connected to BC after graduation through tradition-based programming and events that inspire fond recollection of their Renegade experience

Young Alumni Engagement

The Renegade Alumni Council aims to keep members of each of the 13 most recent class years connected to, and engaged with, the College. In facilitating outreach and communication to classmates, RAC members play an important role in bridging the gap between the undergraduate student experience and postgraduate life, strengthening and maintaining young alumni connections with the College.


  • Promote and inspire class unity and class spirit
  • Facilitate the transition from student to alumni
  • Foster positive young alumni connections and engagement with the College

RAC Events



  • 12th - 16th: Homecoming 2020! 
    All Week
  • 15th: Paint Jam
    6 p.m., via Zoom 
  • 16th: Drive-in Movie Night
    7 p.m., BC Stadium Parking Lot (additional cost)




  • Welcome 2021




  • 15th: Tax Day 


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