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We Are BC: Renegade Alumni Council

Renegade Alumni Council

What is the Renegade Alumni Council?

At the urging of two energetic young alumni, the Bakersfield College Renegade Alumni Council (RAC) was established to actively engage and advocate for BC’s most recent graduates. RAC receives its funding and its charter from the Bakersfield College Foundation.

RAC was formed to work with the Bakersfield College Alumni Association to address the engagement needs of the young alumni population. RAC represents Renegade alumni who graduated from the College since the graduating class of 2007.


RAC serves the young Renegade alumni community by:

  • Promoting the social, professional, philanthropic, and service interests of recent alumni
  • Fostering closer interaction between young alumni and the greater community
  • Engendering continued support of the College and its educational missions through service of specific initiatives
  • Educating current students and recent alumni about goals, purposes, projects and services and increasing involvement with the College

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Tell Us Your BC Story

Please tell us your Renegade story. How did your time at BC help shape your life? Is the Home of the Renegades where you found your passion, your voice, or inspiration from one or more of our professors? Did you make made lifelong friends, fall in love, or discover your future career? What are you doing now that might be of interest to your fellow alumni?